Catholic Clergy Abuse Bibliography

Tom Doyle, O.P, J.C.D. is a Catholic priest of the Domincan order. He is also a canon lawyer and an author of several books.

Richard Sipe spent eighteen years as a Benedictine monk and priest. He has since left the priesthood, got married, and now researches the sexual and celibate practices of priests. He is also an author and a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

clergy abuse books on a bookshelfThese two men know the issue of clergy sexual abuse and its effects as much as anyone on the planet – and they have a lot of good company.

Part of their contribution their offering of recommended resources. Sipe has a Recommended Reading page on his web site which includes brief descriptions and links for more information.

Doyle has compiled a bibliography of books, articles, dissertations, documentaries, and more which he updates periodically. It is also found on Sipe’s website and is titled the Clergy Sexual Abuse Abbreviated Bibliography of Selected Sources Related to Clergy Sexual Abuse, Ecclesiastical Politics, Theology, and Church History.

If you want to learn more about the clergy sexual abuse scandal, these are good places to start. If you have already been keeping up with the clergy sexual abuse scandal, make note of the entries in red as they have been added very recently.

Of course, don’t forget my own Resources page that overlaps the aforementioned lists but includes additional materials to check out.