Love, instead of Hate

DePaul letter-winner brick "In Memory of Paul Kelly"
Never Forgotten

During the week after the murder of freshman student-athlete Paul Kelly on the Lincoln Park campus of DePaul University in Chicago, the school’s student newspaper, The DePaulia, published the following editorial.

Final Tribute To Fellow Student

By now, we are all aware of the tragic event last Saturday night which took away from us one of our fellow DePaul community members. After suffering through periods of shock, helplessness and sorrow, we must now all continue to struggle to somehow fill the void left by the death of Paul C. Kelly.

     On behalf of the entire student body, The DePaulia offers its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Paul.

     The majority of The DePaulia staff did not personally know Paul Kelly, but we felt the void of losing a fellow student, a void that somehow will never be filled, regardless of the words we write or the amount of coverage we give to the incident.

     The staff of this newspaper only hopes that God will keep Paul in His blessings and help us to cope with and understand our loss.

     Paul Kelly experienced many of the same joys and frustrations of so many other college students, the pressure of taking exams and passing courses, the determined effort needed to play up to his ability as an athlete, and the ongoing progress of reaching out to others in an attempt to know about oneself and the world around him.

     We may never truly understand why Paul died the way he did on Saturday, January 12. But as a lasting tribute to his name we must all reflect on what he stood for and express those special qualities in our own lives.

     The grim fact is that a bright and promising young man is no longer with us and that it is up to each and every one of us to make sure the light he shone does not flicker out.

     We, at The DePaulia, hope that the love offered by Paul to his familiy and friends be shared with us all in an attempt to make this turbulent world a better place to be living in.

     We, at The DePaulia, also hope that through this sharing mankind will see the day when love, instead of hate is the precedent, and beautiful people such as Paul Kelly won’t have to die anymore.”

This editorial was signed by Mark J. Valentino.

Editorial Tribute to Paul Kelly by The DePaulia
Courtesy of Rick Velasco

Tomorrow’s post will take a look at a petition Corcoran residents, including Paul Kelly, signed just days before his murder. We were asking DePaul officials for tighter security measures in and around our dorm.

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