In the Name of Religion

Religion has a way of inciting passion among people. Sometimes that passion leads to hatred, violence, and senseless death.

Iraqis crammed in ditch pre-execution
Iraq, June 2014
ISIS terrorists shoot to death face-down victims
Iraq, June 20114
A pile of young Iraqui men before being executed by ISIS terrorists
Iraq, June 2014

All of this, over religion.

Bloody corpses on restaurant floor
These innocent men were killed in the name of religion at an upscale Kenyan mall last September.
Woman holding infant lays hand on leg of dead woman
So was this innocent woman.
An escalator filled with shoppers with their hands up; an armed terrorist at the top
The armed terrorists told quizzed shoppers on Islam and told them to cite scripture from the Koran. The ones who were shot answered wrong if at all. Included in the 67 dead were innocents from Britain, France, Canada, China, India, South Korea, South Africa, and The Netherlands.

According to some radical Muslims, you are not allowed to be anything other than what they are. If you do not follow Islam, you must be killed. If you follow Islam but the wrong sect of Islam, you must be killed.

Many centuries ago, the Roman Catholic Church raised war on non-Christians. If you converted to Christianity, they spared your life. If you did not, you and your family were slaughtered.

All in the name of religion.


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