Pay Now or Pay Later: We Will All Have to Take Pills

Getting healthy and staying healthy requires effort. So, why bother?

It’s much easier just to follow the path of least resistance.

What’s easier than pulling up to the drive-thru window of a fast food joint? Or, better yet, picking up the phone and ordering a pizza for delivery?

donuts coffee and iPhone
Food on the run.

What’s easier than plopping on a sofa at the end of the workday, TV tuner in hand?

What’s easier than driving to our neighbor’s house down the street or from a store at one end of the mall to a store at the other end of the same mall?

We only live once, right? So, what the heck?

We’re busy. We’re rushed. We’re tired!

The problem is… takes a whole lot more effort to be unhealthy than it does to be healthy.

Aches and pains. Doctors’ appointments and hospital stays. Trips to the pharmacy and then dealing with the annoying Gifts-with-Purchase called side-effects.

As human beings, we are all on a course toward the end of our respective lives. Yes, we are all going to die. That seems to be the only inevitable. But how we die and how we live are more in our control than we might realize.

Pay Now or Pay Later

It’s up to you.

Pills Now or Pills Later.

At some point in your life, you are going to have to take tablets every day, like it or not.

pills spill out of Rx bottle
Some pills are significantly more toxic than others and could do more harm than good.

You can take clean, non-toxic, high-quality nutritional supplements now or newfound chemicals your body wasn’t made to process later (or now) in the form of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

You can “Let Food Be Thy Medicine” like Hippocrates, well-known as the Father of Medicine, advised or you can take the modern, ‘advanced’ stuff recently reported as as the fifth leading cause of death in the United States.

You can adopt the approach of using ‘Exercise as Medicine’ or you can plop on the couch with a tuner and a bag of chips.

Again, it’s up to you.

It’s a free country and you have the power to influence the path on which you’ll live – and die.

Better hurry, though. Your clock is ticking.


Kate Bochte has a B.S. in Health Education and an M.S. in Physical Education/Exercise Physiology. She has taught public school Health Science and has worked as a weight loss counselor, American Cancer Society nutrition coordinator, and spokesperson for a global child protection organization. Kate is an independent associate of USANA Health Sciences, Inc. 

Photo credits: donuts, Zach Miles,; pills with bottle, CDC.