Are You Strong?

Early every Monday, I receive a Morning Cup of Inspiration.

Dr. Kevin Elko
Dr. Kevin Elko

I signed up for Dr. Kevin Elko’s free weekly motivational¬†messages after hearing he is one of the great inspirations behind Nick Saban and the very successful Alabama Crimson Tide football program.

One of the messages that has stuck with me came in early January, shortly after the New Year. In it, Elko explains one of his mantras. Actually, it’s a little back-and-forth.

“Are you strong?”

“I’m strong if you’re strong?”

“Then, I’m strong.”

Nick Saban lifts trophy with happy ayers behind

It’s a team-builder that can be used on athletic fields, in the workplace, on the battlefield, or at the kitchen table. ¬†It is motivation to stay strong if only for those around us. And, it’s reciprocal. We gain strength from others and they gain strength from us. It’s a cycle that is actually good.

Immediately after Florida State won the NCAA football championship this year, a reporter on the field asked quarterback Jameis Winston about the less-than-two-minute-drill at the very end of the game which led to a touchdown and victory.

Winston said he gathered his offensive teammates into a huddle and asked, “Are you strong?”

They responded, in unison, “I’m strong if you’re strong.”

“Then, I’m strong.”

I knew then that Dr. Elko has been talking to the Seminoles, too.