Jamie Lee and the Scary Truth

Jamie Lee Curtis in scene from Halloween
Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

Today is a week away from Halloween.

Traditionally, I wait until October 31st to set up any scary decorations in my house or yard.  I just never seem to be in the mood to do so beforehand.  Kids would pass my house on the way to school on Halloween morn and see a bare yard.  But by the time school was out, a transformation would have occurred.

This year is different.

First of all, a lot of time and effort go into scarying up the house (minus some permanent cobwebs that take hold on the porch).  For less than twenty-four hours to appreciate it, it hardly seems worth it.  Mainly, however, I was inspired recently while on a grocery trip to Target.  I happened to spot a plastic skull.  No big deal, given the season.  That is until I touched the tiny black button above the “Press Here” label.  Not only did lights begin to flicker inside the orifices of the fake dead-head but music began to play as well.  Possibly the best movie score ever – Halloween!

Halloween is a great movie.  A classic.  I may be a bit partial toward it because it’s supposed to take place in Illinois.  And, because I love old movies and am a big fan of Psycho, I’ve always appreciated the main charachter in one being played by the daughter of the main charachter in the other.  Jamie Lee Curtis starred in Halloween just as her mother, Janet Leigh, starred in Psycho.

And so, I come to the point of this blog.  I just read a very well-written article by Jamie Lee, published on Huffington Post.  I’m not a star-gazer like some and so I was not even aware Curtis was a blogger though she has impressed me as a celebrity – even a child actor of two famous parents – who seemed to have her act together.

Her article was a treat.  From now on, I’ll pay more attention to Jamie Lee Curtis.  And not just as the geeky teen-aged babysitter I love to watch this time of year.

Liestrong by Jamie Lee Curtis

p.s.  As much as I like the Halloween-playing skull at Target, I didn’t want to spend the money.  But, when I spotted it at Walgreens yesterday for half-price, I grabbed it!  Gotta go now.  I’ve got some serious haunting to do!