Changing the Status Quo

Have you ever tried to change a bad habit?

Smoking? Drinking? A pastry and a latte on the way to the office? Too much time on social media?

Change doesn’t come easy. It takes effort.

You may have heard Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion:

“A body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.”

It’s not that we’re lazy. It’s science!

In order to change the course we’re on, we must do something – often drastic – to put us on a different path, our desired path, the path that will lead us to health, wealth, happiness, or whatever it is our heart desires.

Mac and phone on table
Tracking a habit for a period of time often reveals eye-opening results.

In order for us to throw a wrench in our comfortable routine, however, our status quo must be undesirable enough – even painful – for us to make the consistent effort required for change to happen.

Or, maybe conditions aren’t so bad today, but we know if we don’t change things are sure to get worse.

A bad habit or the consequence of a bad habit must be more painful than living without the bad habit. Otherwise, our will won’t be strong enough to sustain the effort required to change.

What, if anything, is keeping you from 100% satisfaction with your life?

What is one thing you might not be able to control as much as you’d like? What is one habit you’d like to change or get rid of once and for all. You don’t need a long laundry list. One will do.

Now, ask yourself why. Really, why? Deep down, why? Why is asserting your power over that habit important to you?

Not only why, but why now? Why not later? Why not never? What will happen if you never change? What will happen if you don’t change ASAP?

Despite a popular slogan, change has less to do with hope and more to do with action. But, before action comes motivation.

With enough motivation, there is little you cannot do.

Got a wrench?